Week beginning 5th September

Monday rest day

Tuesday 5x5 SL  lunchtime gym session

Wednesday First yoga class - awesome

Thursday 3k on the bike + 5x5 SL  lunchtime gym session


week beginning 29th August

week & a bit off for the end of the kids' school holidays.

Monday rest day

Tuesday visit to Lincoln with the kids...3.7 miles walking

Wednesday rest day 1.1 miles walk

Thursday sorting camping gear, heading to campsite 1.7 mile walk

Friday exploring Scarborough & Castle 4.3 mile walk

Saturday deluge of rain, visit York 3.8 mile walk

Sunday Beach at Filey 2.2 mile walk

Walk to Mordor - reached 40.2 miles ...455.8 to go!

Week beginning 15th August

Monday 15th - Lunchtime gym session #1 for Stronglifts 5x5  followed by 5 mins rowing machine (1160m)

Tuesday 16th - Day at home with my girls and gardening (supposedly a rest day, but tree roots say otherwise)

Wednesday 17th - Lunchtime gym session #2 for  Stronglifts 5x5 preceded by 10 mins on the stationary bike (4.2Km) whilst I waited for equipment to be free 

Thursday 18th - started a new walking challenge - Walk to Mordor!  Started the first leg of my journey from Bag End to Rivendell at lunchtime today (1.2 miles).  It'll take me a lot longer than Frodo & Sam!

Friday 19th - Lunchtime gym session #3 for SL5x5, followed by 5Km on the bike (logged towards journey to Rivendell)

Saturday 20th - Drove to Gateshead first thing, barely any exercise all weekend.

Sunday 21st - drove back home, ate too much. remembered that the latest Nerd Fitness 4 week challenge started today and managed to get in my minimum 5 mins of stretching. O M G I'm so not bendy, can't touch my toes, can only just reach mi-shin!

Week beginning 22nd August

Monday - SL5x5 workout done at lunchtime, followed by 6 mins on the rower (L6) for 1313metres

Tuesday - half hearted calf & hamstring stretches, walked 1.8 miles

Wednesday - SL5x5 workout done at lunchtime, preceded by 2Km on the bike whilst equipment was being used. Walked 2.1 miles

Thursday - walked 1.8 miles

Friday - SL5x5 workout done at lunchtime.



Week beginning August 8th 2016

Measurements have been taken, 'Before' photos have been taken (I'm not posting them here yet though, not until I see some improvements).

Time to put the work in.  I dug my bike out of the garage at the weekend, spent a bit of time cleaning all the rust off and oiling the chain, inflating the tyres etc.  My plan was to cycle to work a couple of times per week, 4 miles each way.  I decided on a test ride to the local shops just to check that there were no problems with the bike.  The bike performed fine over the 1.5 miles...the rider on the hand didn't do so well - the route was pretty flat and I took it easy, but I was completely knackered.

So, slight change of plan, I'm going to have to work on my cardio and boost my general fitness before I start cycling to work (no exercise for the past 4 months has taken it's toll).

Monday 8th - Lunchtime Gym session (5 mins on rower = 1100m, 10 mins on Bike = 4.5Km)

Tuesday 9th - Lunchtime swim (6 lengths)

Wednesday 10th - Lunchtime gym session with instructor, Smith Machine & barbell

Thursday 11th - rest

Friday 12th - Day off work at home with the girls. housework.

Saturday 13th - Epsom. 4 mile walk to the Downs to fly kites.

Sunday 14th - Epsom. 2 mile walk in the woods


Due to being away at the weekend, meal logging wasn't great, so no totals for the week, though I tried to be good, I undoubtedly went over (chocolate brownies & ice-cream)...but lots of fresh fruit too.