Week beginning 15th August

Monday 15th - Lunchtime gym session #1 for Stronglifts 5x5  followed by 5 mins rowing machine (1160m)

Tuesday 16th - Day at home with my girls and gardening (supposedly a rest day, but tree roots say otherwise)

Wednesday 17th - Lunchtime gym session #2 for  Stronglifts 5x5 preceded by 10 mins on the stationary bike (4.2Km) whilst I waited for equipment to be free 

Thursday 18th - started a new walking challenge - Walk to Mordor!  Started the first leg of my journey from Bag End to Rivendell at lunchtime today (1.2 miles).  It'll take me a lot longer than Frodo & Sam!

Friday 19th - Lunchtime gym session #3 for SL5x5, followed by 5Km on the bike (logged towards journey to Rivendell)

Saturday 20th - Drove to Gateshead first thing, barely any exercise all weekend.

Sunday 21st - drove back home, ate too much. remembered that the latest Nerd Fitness 4 week challenge started today and managed to get in my minimum 5 mins of stretching. O M G I'm so not bendy, can't touch my toes, can only just reach mi-shin!