Measurements 3rd August

Rather than purely relying on my weight shown on the scales to assess progress, I've also taken a range of measurements.  My plan is to record my measurements and weight at the beginning of each month.  At the same time I will update my work in progress photo, the first of which I'll sort tomorrow.

All measurements are in centimetres unless otherwise stated.

Neck 37

Chest 102

Biceps Left 26, Right 27

Waist 101

Hips 95

Thighs Left 55, Right 55

Calf Left 37, Right 37

Weight 76.2 Kg (12 stone)

Starting from Now

This blog will track my progress as I strive to become fitter & healthier.

I'm sure it wont all be smooth sailing, but I've signed up to Nerd Fitness to try and change my lifestyle for the better.

Useful things to note - I didn't get unfit overnight, so I can't expect to get fit & healthy overnight neither.  A lot of small changes eventually add up to something massive.

Stats and pics to follow.


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