FETRA funday, 2nd Augsut 2009

FETRA (Fost Estate tennants and residents asociation) do things to make the estate safe for children and elderly residents. the fun day was to help raise money to allow them to carry on with this work.

WOW two months since my last troop, but I have a good excuse..news to come in a couple of weeks (all being well).

Another good day out. As we took it in shifts to troop I had a nice leisurely morning spotting in the sun. I should have worn a hat as I caught the sun quite a bit. 

Baron Fel came out to play in the afternoon and no-one called me Vader (always helps when the boss is around) although someone did ask if I was from Dr. Who 

Plenty of money was raised for FETRA (over £800 I believe), helped by the great weather, numerous stalls (though I missed out on the cake stall - the cakes looked great but they all seemed to go very quickly in the afternoon) and displays (scout band, sea cadets, army cadets, local police, ambulance team and a climbing wall).

Yes, Batman, was there, and yes he did climb the wall, very impressive. Captain Jack also turned up looking for Rum (much to the delight of the Sea Cadets) as well as a healthy Imperial prescence

First troop for a couple of months, got me back in the trooping groove - got home and did more work on my clone than I've done in the last 3 months.


Space Invaders at the National Space Centre, 9th May 2009

The National Space Centre is hosting an event that celebrates video and computer games and will be having an area dedicated to LEGO Star Wars. Renegade PR (we have worked with them on TFU and other LF games) would like some Imperial presence to drum up trade to the stall.

I don't know what else was happening, but I've never seen the space centre so quiet, however that did mean that the people who were there got more of our attention

Myself, some TKs and Lord Vader made sure the PR people got their photos of us surrounding some kids using the jOG playing Lego Star Wars (and giving them some hassle every time they blasted an Imperial) then we were off around the centre for photos, looking at the exhibits, and treating the visiting computer games exhibitors to some good old fashioned Imperial hospitality - we also convinced the Gamecity people that they really should invite us to their event in my town at the end of Oct, so fingers crossed on that one.

Oh, the gamecity people were also promoting something called "save the videogame" http://www.savethevideogame.org/ who are asking for members of the public to record a short piece of video describing their favourite videogame, character or scene ending with the words "my name is... and I pledge my support to save the videogame". We were only too happy to help and so I gave my support in character citing Xwing Vs TIE Fighter as my favourite game because there's nothing better than blowing up Xwings in a TIE fighter!

I also got a photo of me in a Vader lid, makes a change from people calling me Vader.


Breakfast with the Easter Bunny (Joshua Foundation) 5th April 2009

another breakfast with... for the Joshua Foundation. 

Nice to have warm sunny weather for this for a change (last couple of times it snowed). 

A little quieter than usual, not as many families or children, but those who were there seemed to have a great time. 

As usual DJ Becky did her upmost to get the TKs dancing on the dancefloor, but they all resisted. Pretty sure I saw R2 showing off his moves though 

The Easter bunny was knackered after all his running around - poor guy must have been hot in that bunnysuit. 

We also had interest from passersby - a couple of joggers stopped their run to come and meet Lord Vader and the troops and a newly married couple leaving the hotel received suitable treatment too. 

It was great to see everyone again, shame it was so quiet, but a nice relaxed troop all for a good cause - even the shy kids had warmed to us and came for their photos just before we left

Retford Charterday 4th May 2009

My first time in Retford, but tales from previous events meant I had to give this a go. 

Sadly the weather didn't want to play along and the constant rain during the morning kept the crowds away, however we did a turn of the town, stopping in at the firestation and dragging the firemen out into the rain for a photo. 

Then on to the very wet park where we gave suitable encouragement to a group of cyclists during some kind of charity static cycling in a tent. 

After a quick break, the rain eased off a bit and more people came out so we had another tour around the town - took a lot longer this time with lots of photos 

An excellent lunch from Paul & Maria (which meant that some of us had a little trouble getting back into armour... no names ) set us up for the final hour which absolutely flew by - we headed straight to the park and were pretty much mobbed the whole time we were there. 

Although there were less of us than planned, and the crowds were a little light during the morning this was a great troop. 

A huge thanks to our spotters - Maria, Joyce and Jason for keeping us safe and getting soaked doing it it must have been pretty miserable in the morning and a hectic with all those gangs of kids in the afternoon I know they saved us from harm a couple of times at least - top job! 

Another great day in the G 

Memorabilia Show, Birmingham NEC 28th & 29th March 2009

Another return to Mem for the UKG with one of our biggest turnouts yet with around 90  :shock: costumers plus spotters - and we could have fielded more but there just isn't the room at this event for more than this (to be honest when we all rolled out of the changing area at 08:30 to greet the 'earlybird' ticket holders we seriously outnumbered them).

We recently passed the 300 members mark ( I think we're nearer 315 or 320 now) and so there is a lot of demand to get on troops, so much so that we've appointed extra support staff o try and obtain more events (including me :shock: )

I was the only pilot the whole weekend, but I made the JRS presence felt in my Fel (lots of complementary comments from fellow UKG members, most of whom hadn't seen it before, which was very nice)

The public were once again entertained by the Troopers, Rebel Legion Jedi scum, and reel Icon movie characters - Joker Nurse was particularly creepily accurate.