Breakfast with the Easter Bunny (Joshua Foundation) 5th April 2009

another breakfast with... for the Joshua Foundation. 

Nice to have warm sunny weather for this for a change (last couple of times it snowed). 

A little quieter than usual, not as many families or children, but those who were there seemed to have a great time. 

As usual DJ Becky did her upmost to get the TKs dancing on the dancefloor, but they all resisted. Pretty sure I saw R2 showing off his moves though 

The Easter bunny was knackered after all his running around - poor guy must have been hot in that bunnysuit. 

We also had interest from passersby - a couple of joggers stopped their run to come and meet Lord Vader and the troops and a newly married couple leaving the hotel received suitable treatment too. 

It was great to see everyone again, shame it was so quiet, but a nice relaxed troop all for a good cause - even the shy kids had warmed to us and came for their photos just before we left