Retford Charterday 4th May 2009

My first time in Retford, but tales from previous events meant I had to give this a go. 

Sadly the weather didn't want to play along and the constant rain during the morning kept the crowds away, however we did a turn of the town, stopping in at the firestation and dragging the firemen out into the rain for a photo. 

Then on to the very wet park where we gave suitable encouragement to a group of cyclists during some kind of charity static cycling in a tent. 

After a quick break, the rain eased off a bit and more people came out so we had another tour around the town - took a lot longer this time with lots of photos 

An excellent lunch from Paul & Maria (which meant that some of us had a little trouble getting back into armour... no names ) set us up for the final hour which absolutely flew by - we headed straight to the park and were pretty much mobbed the whole time we were there. 

Although there were less of us than planned, and the crowds were a little light during the morning this was a great troop. 

A huge thanks to our spotters - Maria, Joyce and Jason for keeping us safe and getting soaked doing it it must have been pretty miserable in the morning and a hectic with all those gangs of kids in the afternoon I know they saved us from harm a couple of times at least - top job! 

Another great day in the G