Space Invaders at the National Space Centre, 9th May 2009

The National Space Centre is hosting an event that celebrates video and computer games and will be having an area dedicated to LEGO Star Wars. Renegade PR (we have worked with them on TFU and other LF games) would like some Imperial presence to drum up trade to the stall.

I don't know what else was happening, but I've never seen the space centre so quiet, however that did mean that the people who were there got more of our attention

Myself, some TKs and Lord Vader made sure the PR people got their photos of us surrounding some kids using the jOG playing Lego Star Wars (and giving them some hassle every time they blasted an Imperial) then we were off around the centre for photos, looking at the exhibits, and treating the visiting computer games exhibitors to some good old fashioned Imperial hospitality - we also convinced the Gamecity people that they really should invite us to their event in my town at the end of Oct, so fingers crossed on that one.

Oh, the gamecity people were also promoting something called "save the videogame" who are asking for members of the public to record a short piece of video describing their favourite videogame, character or scene ending with the words "my name is... and I pledge my support to save the videogame". We were only too happy to help and so I gave my support in character citing Xwing Vs TIE Fighter as my favourite game because there's nothing better than blowing up Xwings in a TIE fighter!

I also got a photo of me in a Vader lid, makes a change from people calling me Vader.