FETRA funday, 2nd Augsut 2009

FETRA (Fost Estate tennants and residents asociation) do things to make the estate safe for children and elderly residents. the fun day was to help raise money to allow them to carry on with this work.

WOW two months since my last troop, but I have a good excuse..news to come in a couple of weeks (all being well).

Another good day out. As we took it in shifts to troop I had a nice leisurely morning spotting in the sun. I should have worn a hat as I caught the sun quite a bit. 

Baron Fel came out to play in the afternoon and no-one called me Vader (always helps when the boss is around) although someone did ask if I was from Dr. Who 

Plenty of money was raised for FETRA (over £800 I believe), helped by the great weather, numerous stalls (though I missed out on the cake stall - the cakes looked great but they all seemed to go very quickly in the afternoon) and displays (scout band, sea cadets, army cadets, local police, ambulance team and a climbing wall).

Yes, Batman, was there, and yes he did climb the wall, very impressive. Captain Jack also turned up looking for Rum (much to the delight of the Sea Cadets) as well as a healthy Imperial prescence

First troop for a couple of months, got me back in the trooping groove - got home and did more work on my clone than I've done in the last 3 months.