Legoland Star Wars Lego Fireworks event, 8th Nov 2008

The final of three weekends of star wars events at Legoland, Windsor (and the only one I could make as I was already trooping elsewhere on the other dates) for their annual fireworks display. This year the theme was Star Wars .

We were out in armour for 8:30 until about 4:30. Intermittent very heavy rain (ideal opportunity of tea break).

Loads of fun with lots of kids (and plenty of big kids).

By the final hour or so we couldn't walk more than 10 steps without being mobbed for photos, thankfully our spotters were able to get the crowd organised and made sure everyone went home happy and they all got their pictures.

The day ended with a fantastic star wars themed fireworks display (commentary involved a story of a young padawan making their way to coruscant through meteor showers, droid fighters etc all set to star wars music).

The park had been selling lightsabers all day, so when it was dark and the fireworks were on I looked up the hill behind me to see hundreds of lightsabers all waving around in the darkness - looked great  :D 

Here's a picture we had taken by the main gates at lunchtime along with Warwick Davis - you can just make me out on the far left of the pic - I was the sole TIE Pilot for the day, but I held my own against the superior numbers of the rebel scum