Memorabilia Show, Birmingham NEC 28th & 29th March 2009

Another return to Mem for the UKG with one of our biggest turnouts yet with around 90  :shock: costumers plus spotters - and we could have fielded more but there just isn't the room at this event for more than this (to be honest when we all rolled out of the changing area at 08:30 to greet the 'earlybird' ticket holders we seriously outnumbered them).

We recently passed the 300 members mark ( I think we're nearer 315 or 320 now) and so there is a lot of demand to get on troops, so much so that we've appointed extra support staff o try and obtain more events (including me :shock: )

I was the only pilot the whole weekend, but I made the JRS presence felt in my Fel (lots of complementary comments from fellow UKG members, most of whom hadn't seen it before, which was very nice)

The public were once again entertained by the Troopers, Rebel Legion Jedi scum, and reel Icon movie characters - Joker Nurse was particularly creepily accurate.