Weston Park Museum, Sheffield 3rd May '08

A lovely sunny day. When we arrived at the museum (after practically everyone getting lost in Sheffield's horrible road system) there weren't very many people around, but we headed off to get suited up. Vader arrived in the nick of time and went from civvies to Full Vader costume in about 3 mins. Vader and the four TKs went to hassle the museum's cheif exec giving his opening speech and then the rest of us (me in my TIE, Boba Fett, couple of Biker Scouts and R2D2) followed about 5 mins later to be met by a huge crowd!

It wasn't so much walk around and mingle as find some space with something behind you till the horde's have taken their photos. 

Then outside for some fresh air and more photos in the sun. 

Staff were great, facilities were great, public was great and our spotters were awesome keeping us safe. 

There was plenty for the kids to do (including 'build your own rocket') but as the day progressed there seemed to be less rockets being made and more blasters & lightsabers.

Memorabilia Show, National Exhibition Centre 29th & 30th March 2008

A 2-day Film, TV and Sporting Memorabilia show (Spring show) saw about 60 of the UK Garrison attending to entertain the crowds.

Costumes included TIE pilots (naturally - 4 or 5 of us at one point), stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Imperial Gunner, biker scouts, snow troopers, Imperial Guard, Darth Vader, a couple of Clones, Boba fett, Zam Wessel, Zuckuss, a couple of Tuskens, and an Ewok, Han Solo, Hoth Leia, Mara Jade and assorted Jedi.

Non-Star Wars costumes included Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan, Xena Warrior Princess, a Necromonger, a Ghostbuster or two, a Stargate team, and original series Cylon, an original series Viper pilot and a squad of new series Viper pilots, and a Witchking from Lord of the rings oh and Silent Bob.


Bluebellwood Hospice Christmas Party

Bluebell Wood is a childrens Hospice in Sheffield, UK. South Yorkshire police hosted the Bluebell Wood Xmas party for the kids and families of the kids on 20th december 2007. As well as Santa (who arrived on a horse drawn sleigh, no less), and a huge policeman (see photos) we also attended with a stormtrooper, a biker scout and Jedi and me. As it was at the Police social club, there were also a fair few police around, so no real security issues, though I was a tad nervous when stood in front of the mounted officers as one of the horses decided to nibble my armour straps

The Joshua Foundation Breakfast, 23rd March 2008

The Joshua Foundation (TJF) was created in September 1998 to provide holidays and experiences for children and their families where the child is diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

The Joshua Foundation was launched on September 27th 1998 with a 5 kilometre fun/walk that raised £16,000, and on January 17th 1999, a huge party at Planet Hollywood, London, saw the first gathering of children and the beginning of "TJF Experiences". 

Whereas other wish organisations provide one-off experiences, the Joshua Foundation effectively 'adopts' children and their families providing them with on-going experiences and memories.

Easter Sunday saw The Joshua Foundation hosting 15 families for breakfast at Colwick Hall Hotel, Nottingham. As well as 9 stormtroopers, 2 biker scouts, and myself for the JRS there was also an Easter Bunny, face painting, balloon modelling (an unsurprising number of which turned into guns and lightsaber which the kids then used to attack the troopers - revenge was exacted  :twisted: ), cake decorating, arts and drawing and a DJ. There were also plenty of Easter Eggs for all the kids and a full cooked breakfast (which the troopers and spotters were invited to share - very nice it was too, I wish we got hot food at all events, though we needed it as it was freezing outside).

My first of this year, and a nice warm-up to get me back into the swing of things for a full weekend at Memorabilia show next weekend.

One of the little girls drew a picture of me in my Pilot gear, and this now has pride of place on my fridge

Childrens Cancer Charity Fundraiser (Lex's 7th Birthday) 10th Nov 2007

Lex was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 4. Last night was his 7th birthday and to celebrate he had a big party in an indoor kids playzone.

Lex is a big Star Wars fan (his favourite characters are Delta Squad). We have a Delta Squad so we went along to help him celebrate. As well as delta squad we also sent a pilot (me) and a stormtrooper to accompany Lord Vader. We also had episode 3 Anakin, Darth Maul and Boussh.

Lex was dressed as Jango for most the evening and his friends (100 kids with accompanying adults) dressed as various characters (lots of Vaders, a Han, a couple of skywalkers and a couple of chewies).

Everyone seemed to have a great time, though the kids did seem a little sugar crazed at times