NSC Sci-Fi Weekend 3rd & 4th November 2007

Another weekend at the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK. As it was a general Sci-Fi weekend there weren'as many Star Wars costumes, but it was a great weekend. We had TIE pilots (2, me and Russ), sandtroopers, stormtroopers, Vader, Boba & Jango Fett, Batman & Robin, Ghostbusters, Predator, Marines and Xenomorphs from Alien (and a very heart thumping Alien Encounter experience plus several "oh my god! one has broken loose Alien bug Hunts), Necromongers from Chronicles of Riddick, C3PO, R2D2, various Daleks and a K9 from Dr. Who

Fellow pilot Russ, a visitor and me.

Nottingham Games City 26th Oct 2007

More or less a week of video games in unusual places (various venues around the city centre) including a huge screen in the Market Square.

Friday 26th Oct was designated as Star Wars day, so we attended "Vaders Tea Party" in a tea shop across the road from the Broadway Cinema, then we were back to the Broadway to entertain the crowds who were attending a talk by the guy who created Lego Star Wars computer games as well as a demo of the new Wii version.

Afternoon saw another stint at the Tea Party before we headed down to the Market Square for the launch of the Wii game and lots of photo ops.

RAF Fylingdales, 10th August 2007

RAF Fylingdales is on the North Yorkshire Moors in England and is the major facility for around 70% of all the tracking of near earth space objects in the world.

A member of the UK Garrison is one of the RADAR operators and invited us along for an open day.

We got a tour of the facility, including the control rooms, and the roof of the RADAR. Then we got down to some trooping.

The base commander had us stopping vehicles as they entered the base, so she could get photos of us as security on the base website  8), I got to sit in the pilots seat of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (one of the charities the day was raising money for), got my photo taken next to a Defender (not a TIE though ::) ) and we were treated to a very low fly past by a GR4 Tornado (went vertical above our field, we could see right up it's exhausts  :o )

National Space Centre, Leicester 22nd-23rd September 2007

A cracking weekend - about 70 of us in costume all weekend, with our annual ball on the Saturday night (also at the Space Centre). Loads of kids (from a few months up to 70-ish), loads of photos and never less than two Tie Pilots, but at some points there were 4 of us (more shots to come when they have been processed by the offical photographer).

Here's one to be going on with, taken by a prospective member of the UKG (he's going scout unfortunately, not pilot)

Celebration Europe 13th -15th July 2007

Hot & Sweaty, but fantastic fun. Awesome event, can't wait until next one.

I'm second from the right.