Memorabilia Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK, Saturday 7th July 2007

My inaugral flight was at the weekend, and I still have the grin on my face  

This event was also my induction to the 501st, and so the first couple of hours I was teamed up with a more experience spotter and we went out with a group of Troopers (two TKs and two TDs).

Once I'd got to grips with spotting and had seen how the other guys acted in their armour, it was time for me to get changed into my TIE pilot gear.

I was teamed up with another TIE pilot, a couple of biker scouts and a couple of TKs and spent the rest of the day having a ball :)

Within two minutes of leaving the changing area I was asked for my autograph and had more requests for photos with people than I think I've ever had photo's taken of me before.

Only had 1 little girl run away crying from me (but her mother and auntie both had their photo's taken ).