Leicester City Council Childrens Party - 17th Jan 2009

Leicester City Council's looked after kids team had organised a (late) christmas party, the theme of which was winter at the movies. UKG sent slong a bunch of Stormtroopers, Baron Fel, a couple of Jedi, Batman and a couple of Stargaters.

Also in attendance were snowwhite, assorted giant Rabbits, foxes (the Leicester City Footbal club mascot) and a Pink Panther (or a pig - I couldn't quite work that one out).

300 kids in total with their parents/families at the Party with a disco, bouncy castles, free popcorn & candyfloss etc.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, a great way to start the trooping year :)



Joshua Foundation - Breakfast with Santa 7th Dec 2008

My final troop of this year, which is nice as their Breakfast with the Easter Bunny was my first troop of this year.

As well as star wars characters (Vader, 2 x TK, TIE Pilot 3x Jedi) we also had Will Turner fro Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman :)

The weather was distinctly chilly as we waited at the main entrance of the hotel from 10:30 for the kids and their families to arrive, so we took it in turns to escort them around to the lakeside pavilion (frozen lake today) for the party.

Once they all arrived we all hung out in the pavilion mingling with the families and making sure everyone was having a good time. We had a short lids off break when Santa arrived and handed out gifts then headed back for the last of the party games.

Some of the kids had been released from hospital specially to attend the event and it was great to see them all enjoying themselves even though many were obviously poorly (unfortunately not all the families could make it to the event as some kids conditions had gotten worse and they had to be re-admitted to hospital  :( )

We finished for about 14:30 and were giving a good breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, fried bread, and bread & butter with tea, coffee and orange juice.

A quick group photo on the Hotel staircase before setting off home, and I even made it back in time for Phantom Menace on TV

Legoland Star Wars Lego Fireworks event, 8th Nov 2008

The final of three weekends of star wars events at Legoland, Windsor (and the only one I could make as I was already trooping elsewhere on the other dates) for their annual fireworks display. This year the theme was Star Wars .

We were out in armour for 8:30 until about 4:30. Intermittent very heavy rain (ideal opportunity of tea break).

Loads of fun with lots of kids (and plenty of big kids).

By the final hour or so we couldn't walk more than 10 steps without being mobbed for photos, thankfully our spotters were able to get the crowd organised and made sure everyone went home happy and they all got their pictures.

The day ended with a fantastic star wars themed fireworks display (commentary involved a story of a young padawan making their way to coruscant through meteor showers, droid fighters etc all set to star wars music).

The park had been selling lightsabers all day, so when it was dark and the fireworks were on I looked up the hill behind me to see hundreds of lightsabers all waving around in the darkness - looked great  :D 

Here's a picture we had taken by the main gates at lunchtime along with Warwick Davis - you can just make me out on the far left of the pic - I was the sole TIE Pilot for the day, but I held my own against the superior numbers of the rebel scum 

Movie Mania Weekend, National Space Centre 15th & 16th Nov 2008

Another fun filled weekend at the National Space Centre in Leicester. This weekend was a little different to our usual NSC weekends in that it wasn't focussed so much on Star Wars, but more on movies in general. However we did still have a strong Star Wars prescence with TIE pilots, stormtroopers, biker scouts, a snowtrooper, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, a stealth trooper, Republic Commandos and Chewbacca and an ewok.

We also had a large pirate contingent (yarr!) including a pirate school for the kids (learn to use a sword, sing pirate songs and other tomfoolery) with Captain Jack, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner and a Marine chasing them around all day.

We had Batman with the Joker and Goons, an interactive Ghostbusters experience in the Centre's theatre, Indiana Jones, Rocketman, Iron Man (Awesome), an original series Cylon, some gorillas from Planet of the Apes, a couple of Predators, some Colonial Marines and Aliens, a Stargate team plus Jaffa, liz Sherman from Hellboy, Neo and a couple of Agents from The Matrix.

Also in attendance were some celebrity cars (KITT and FAB1) plus three American Police cruisers (Dodge City, New York and somewhere else) plus the Blues Brothers with their car too.

We had some celebrity guest signings (Kenny Baker, Rusty Goffe, Warwick Davis, Jeremy Bulloch, Ian Whyte (Predator) and Karen Traviss) as well as Terry English (awesome armourer with lots of film credits).

The event was in part to help publicise a new exhibition the NSC is running until January Fiction into Fact with various Sci-fi props on load on display including a copy of Luke's Landspeeder that is on loan from it's owner (a 501st member from the states who was having difficulty getting it transported over, UKG & NSC have agreed to store it and some of the guys spent some free time restoring it to make sure it was ready for display).

It looks awesome, so I had to get my photo taken next to it (I'm in front)

Madison Bignall Trust Hallowe'en Ball, Nottingham 31st Oct 2008

Madison is the sister of one of our Garrison members, but unfortunately she deleveloped a brain tumour last year (2007). Complications from the tumour resulted in her tragic death at the young age of 10 at the end of October 2007.


Madison's family setup the Madison Bignall Trust at the start of this year with the aim of raising money for causes that Madison was interested in.

Hallowe'en was one of Madison's favourite times of the year and so the Trust has decided to hold an annual charity ball.

The ball was fancy dress and almost all of the guests came in costume. The UK Garrison sent along a couple of TKs, a TIE PIlot, Mara Jade, Tusken Raider, a Stargate character, Mad Max (from Mad Max 2), a Matrix Agent and Maverick from Top Gun.

In total around £3000 was raised during the evening through raffles, donations and an auction.

Me with some witches;